Onesie vs Bodysuit Which One Is It?

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I'm sure you have heard the terms onesie and bodysuit when referring to a one piece outfit for babies, but are they the same thing? Are they different? Which term is right? 

We decided to answer this question that has confused mom's for years. 

Did you know that the term onesie is trademarked by Gerber? The popular kids tern has been thrown around by every company who sells baby clothes. Onesie is the perfect word to describe this popular one piece baby clothing. So while you are searching the world wide web for onesies, companies other than Gerber using this term can actually found to be in violation to the trademark. Onesie is only used to describe Gerber baby outfits. 

So if the term onesie is used exclusively by Gerber what does everyone else call them? 

Bodysuit is the correct term to describe the one piece outfit. Bodysuits are popular for many reasons they are simple and comfortable to wear, they are made with buttons for easy diaper changes and they come in a variety of colors and cute sayings. 

Here are some of our favorite bodysuits. 

Who Can Kiss Me? 

Who can kiss me bodysuit

Mama's Boy Bodysuit 

Mama's Boy Bodysuit

I was Daddy's Fastest Swimmer Bodysuit 

I was daddy's fastest swimmer bodysuit

Started From The Belly Now I'm Here 

Started From The Belly Now I'm Here Bodysuit

I Know I Know I'm Adorable 

I Know I Know I'm Adorable

I Love Long Quiet Strolls Down Every Aisle In Target 

I love long quiet strolls down every aisle in target

Vintage Off-Shoulder Bodysuit 

Vintage Off-Shoulder Bodysuit

Onesie vs Bodysuit What is it really called

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