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You found out you're pregnant. Told all of your friends and family and now is the fun part, decorating your nursery. Whether you are having a girl or boy or your waiting to find out, decorating your nursery can be so much fun and a bit overwhelming at the same time. 

I remember searching millions of websites for the perfect theme for my baby. There are so many themes to choose from and some items are easy to find while others can be very hard to find. 

Because of my own personal struggle to decorate a nursery I wanted to compile a list of popular themes and nursery ideas for you to use. These themes will be for girls

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Girls Nursery Themes

Pink & Gold

A pretty popular theme for girls with an elegant taste. You can find some great decor with this theme. 

Gold Peel & Stick wall decals can bring a fun element and texture to your nursery designs. 

You can find crib sheets in any style or pattern in pink and gold 

Pink and gold nursery decor was made for flamingos. This beautiful flamingo framed wall print from Drew Barrymore's Flower Home Collection at Walmart. 

Other than the crib and changing table another must have on your Nursery list should be some storage bins. I can't recommend these enough. You are going to get so many blankets, swaddles, burp clothes, bibs, bath accessories, socks, wipes, diapers, stuffed animals and so much more that won't all fit into a dresser. Putting your extras in bins like these makes you more organized. I also used some of these to label our "Out Grown Clothes" if I noticed we have out grown anything I would put them in these bins and when I filled it I would empty them out into a bag to give away, donate or pack up for the next kid. 

Storage Cubes 

These storage baskets come in handy so much that I bought 2 for my daughters Nursery. I would use one for dirty clothes and another for blankets and stuffed animals that she liked to play with and take out herself. 

Storage Basket

You can never have enough pillows in a nursery. You can use them to prop up babies, use them as a sensory toy or use it for a soft landing when baby is trying to sit up for the first time. Babies love pillows to play with. 




Unicorns and magical creatures can make a wonderful nursery theme for a little girl. There is just something about unicorns that girls love and we are all for it! 

These sweet and adorable magical unicorn wall mural will be the perfect accessory to your nursery decor. Hang them over the crib, on a blank wall, or over the changing table. 

Having a Unicorn head pop out of your wall is what every little girl loves to see. These are so darn cute and stylish that will last not only the nursery but make it to the toddler room as well. 

Unicorn Wall Mount 

These fun Unicorn lights are super bright and are a classic for any Unicorn themed room. My daughter loves her's and we have had it for years. 

Unicorn Light 

If you haven't noticed already through out this blog I love storage. All kinds of storage bins in all sizes. When you become a parent you start to shop for organizational items more than you care to admit. These size bins are perfect for bigger toys in a play room or to put in the closet for extra blankets and sheets. 

Storage Bin 


The pink elephant theme is a very popular Nursery theme. This means you have so many options and ways you can decorate your nursery. You can go for a cute and fun elephant cartoon look or more simple and modern look. Here are some of my favorite pink elephant decor. 

Crib Set 

Play mats are lots of fun for babies. They love the feel of them, they like playing or chewing on them and it's a soft place to practice rolling around on. 

Elephant Play Mat

Sometimes you can find great deals on nursery sets which includes all of your bedding and sheets that match. 

Crib Set

Elephant Light 

Wall Mount

Storage Basket



A floral nursery theme is very popular for summer babies or for southern born families as they have warm weather year round. Choosing a floral theme says you like feminine and classic decor with pops of fun colors and a natural feel bringing the outside to the inside. Here are some of my favorite floral decor.

Arrange these cute flower wall decals any way you want 

This floral bloom rug will brighten up any room and has a beautiful and stylish pattern. 

Floral Blanket Crib Set 


Floral Changing Pad Cover 

Floral Nursery Prints 

Secret Garden

The secret garden of enchantment has become a popular nursery theme as of lately. With this theme you can mix and match until your little heart desires. You can mix different kinds of wood, colors, textures, and limitless decor. With this theme you can pretty much use any of the decor we listed above to put into this theme. That's how much you can mix and match. 

Canopies can be used over the crib to make a dramatic statement, hang it in a corner with some pillows for a hideout or hang it up outside or in a play room for a fun castle 

Woodland Creatures Wall Art 

Floral Wooden Ring Wall Decor 

Sage Green and Gray Leaves Sheets

Butterfly Wall Decals 

 Modern Girl 

This modern nursery themed is simple and minimal. This one is not only perfect for girls but could also be for boys and neutral if you are waiting to find out. 

Two-Tone Crib 

Ruler Growth Chart 

6 Drawer Dresser 

Tripod Floor Lamp 

Adjustable Rocking Chair 

Hanging Wall Mirror 

baby girl nursery themes and decor


What Did You Think?

We would love to know what you thought about our nursery decor choices. What is your nursery theme for your daughter? We would love to hear.


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