How To Overcome Morning Sickness & Nausea

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One of the most debilitating symptoms of pregnancy is morning sickness. Not everyone will have it, however. Morning sickness and nausea doesn't just happen in the morning either, sometimes it can go all day long. Usually these symptoms just last for your first few months of pregnancy. For a few unfortunate ones, the symptoms can last through your entire pregnancy. 

There is a difference between morning sickness and nausea. Morning sickness when you throw up and can't keep much down. Nausea is just an overall sick feeling you get but aren't actually throwing up. I'm not sure which symptom is worse.

During my first pregnancy I had both nausea and morning sickness that lasted all day long for weeks. Not only that but most of the time, i didn't have anything to actually through up so I never had those few moments of relief after you throw up until your next bout of morning sickness would come in. 

It was a tough time. 

Don't worry! We are here to help you through these difficult times and give you some ideas on how to overcome your morning sickness and nausea. 

I want you to keep in mind that these are ideas and products that have worked for others but they may not work for everyone. My best advice is to keep trying new things to find what works best for you. 

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1. Crackers In The Morning 

A few of my friends that had morning sickness swore by putting some crackers next to their bed in the morning. When you wake up and feel sick eat at least one cracker before you do or eat anything else. They said it made them feel better and could get through their morning easier. You can use whatever crackers you like but I would choose a cracker that is bland like Saltines so you don't upset your stomach with any harsh or complicated flavors. 

2. Say No To Spicy Foods 

If you love spicy foods as much as I do this one might be difficult to manage but it will make you feel oh so much better. Spicy foods tend to have a very strong aroma, which we all know strong smells while you're pregnant usually mean it will make you nauseous. Try to stay away from these foods if you can and avoid others eating it too just so it doesn't upset your stomach with the strong smell. 

3. Ginger 

When I was younger and I wasn't feeling good my mom always had me drink ginger ale. While drinking soda isn't the healthiest option today she was on to something back then. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and can reduce nausea and vomiting. The best and easiest way to have ginger is through drinking a ginger tea. 

We have found a tea that has ginger and mint that you can buy here

4. Mint 

Just like ginger, mint is a herb that can sooth your stomach. Try using mint flavored products like toothpaste, and teas. You can grow mint in your garden or in your kitchen and add a few mint leaves to your water or freeze them in ice cubes during the summer. You can also chew mints or mint gum. 

5. Drink Lots Of Water 

You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces on a daily basis as our body needs water to function properly. As someone who is pregnant, you should be drinking as much water as possible. Water functions our entire body from pumping our blood throughout our body to our bones and brain. The worst feeling is to be dehydrated and nauseous so try to drink as much water as possible. 

6. Eat Several Small Meals 

If you eat your meals in smaller portions rather than 3 big meals it can help to make your food more digestible and the less risk you have of upsetting your stomach. 

7. Lemons

These little miracle fruits worked the best for me. The sourness of lemons can help with nausea. You can add lemons to your water, you can also smell lemons. The smell of citrus can help subside your morning sickness. I used to bring a container of lemons with me at work and whenever I started feeling sick I would sniff the sliced lemons and I no longer felt sick. 

Bonus tip: Make a morning sickness water with lemon, mint and ginger. 

8. Coconut Water 

Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals and has so many health benefits for your body. If you are feeling sick add some lemon juice to a cup of coconut water it can help to settle your stomach. Coconut is a wonder for your body. Coconut water can help to rehydrate you if you're dehydrated, and coconut oil has been known to relieve morning sickness, constipation and heartburn. 


Have you tried any of these morning sickness and nausea remedies? Let us know your thoughts. 

Do you have a morning sickness remedy that worked for you and would like to share? Comment below. 

How To Overcome Morning Sickness & Nausea

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