Kids Fashion Trend: Velvet

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Kids Fashion Trend: Velvet

Ahh the feel of velvet. It's made of silk, cotton, nylon and it's soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Kids love to wear velvet during the fall and winter months because it's comfortable for them to move around in and play and it also keeps them warm. 


Here are some of our favorite velvet clothing: 


There is nothing more adorable than a little girl in a velvet dress. It is a classic that never goes out of style no matter the occasion. 

Velvet Dress

Velvet Christmas Dress

Velvet Winter Dress


Velvet tops have become a new modern trend for little's. They style them with ruffles, high low styles and bell sleeves. 

Ava Velvet Ruffle Top

Khloe Long Sleeve Velvet Top



Kids love soft pants that they can run around and play in. 

Velvet Pants

Velvet Pants



If you just like one piece clothing options (for us busy parents sometimes it's easier than matching outfits) or you have a outfit that matches completely we recommend these options. 

Velvet Jumpsuit

Velvet Sweatsuit




When you think of boys you don't typically think velvet and while there isn't many options to find we do have a couple options for boys who like nice, soft textures. 

Boys Baby Velvet Footie

Boys Hooded Sweatsuit


Which is your favorite velvet outfit? Tell us in the comments 



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