6 Best Subscription Boxes For Kids

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Subscription boxes have been all the rage in our busy lives. They have a subscription box for everything, pets, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, man crates, menstrual boxes for women, food boxes and so much more. 

We love the idea of subscription boxes! You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to go shopping, industry experts pick out items that you will love and they are delivered right to your door whenever you need it! It’s like a dream come true. 

Today we are talking about subscription boxes for kids. As parents, we know how difficult shopping can be with kids and finding new ideas for them. They have all kinds of kids subscription boxes out there but in this list we will be talking about the ones that are great for learning, doing good things for others, fun items and living a healthier life. 

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For Purpose Kids 

For Purpose Kids Subscription Box Beautiful Blessing Boutique

The be kind do kind subscription box that teaches kids how to help others and the environment. It won Parent’s Choice Foundation Award-Winning Subscription Box. 

This award winning quarterly subscription box will teach kids how to be kind, do good and make the world a better place for others and the environment. It offers simple and easy-to-do activities for kids like The Be Kind & Do Good Starter Kit, Helping People & Communities, Helping Animals and Protecting Our Environment. Each box includes curated books and interactive activities focused on a specific cause to help your kids connect to the world around them. This box ships every 3 months and has a gift option in case you would like to give this as a gift. 

Eccocentric Mom 

Eccocentric Mom Subscription Box

This monthly subscription is for mom and baby! Bonus!!! If you are pregnant or have just welcomed your baby or if you're a busy mom who just wants to be pampered. These boxes include organic, natural, non-toxic and non-GMO, green and reusable products and accessories for mom and baby up to age 2. You have several options of subscription boxes to choose from, for instance, you can get a subscription box for the beginning of your pregnancy journey that offers items like tummy drops, expecting journal, bath salts, sleepy time massage serum all the way to the birth of your baby with items like vegan diaper balm, natural baby shampoo, stroller toys and baby booties. 

You can also gift these motherhood boxes or just pick one box you like without having a monthly subscription. 

Mickey Monthly 

Mickey Monthly

Are you a Disney fan? Are your kids Disney fans? Chances are you said yes to one of these questions (if not both). I mean there was a reason that Disney + has over 10 million subscribers on day one!! This monthly subscription box is a magical experience that brings the Disney Parks straight to your door. The monthly subscription boxes they offer include The Original Series (Disney Licensed Products), Theme Park Edition (For Theme Park Lovers or Planning a Disney Vacation), Pin Edition (All the Disney Pins you love to collect) and the Snack Edition (Delicious Disney Food Items).  

Kids Reveal Book Box 

Kids Reveal Book Box

Books. Kids love books. They are fun to look through and it’s a fun way to learn new things. Not only are books great learning tools but you can get books at 50% off retail prices. Every box of books is custom curated based on your child’s interests like Animals, Fairies, Dinosaurs, Trucks, Unicorns, Princesses, Superheroes and more. Each box includes 3-4 books at a great price and for every box you receive, Reveal Book Box will donate one book to a child in need. The types of boxes they offer include the Giraffe Box (1-3 year olds), Monkey Box (3-6 year olds) and the Fox Box (6-9 year olds). They also offer Christmas Boxes for the Holiday season.  

Hoot For Kids 

Hoot For Kids


This subscription box is hands on occupational therapy and promotes purpose driven play with toys and activities to strengthen developmental skills and reach milestones. The idea of this subscription box came from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with over 25 years helping babies and kids to challenge themselves and recognizing the beauty within each child and their differences that make them unique. Toys are a great tool that can be used to enhance key developmental areas like fine motor skills, gross motor skills and sensory processing skills. These toys are a fun way to learn and can be utilized to address a child’s physical limitations, sensory integration issues, speech and language concerns and other developmental delays including Autism Spectrum Disorders. These boxes are custom packed based on your child’s age and developmental stage. Each Treasure Box includes 3 toys and innovative ways to utilize the toys with fun activities that challenge and stimulate your child. You can also choose add-ons to include your box like a birthday crown, blankets and pillows, memory games, puzzles and more. 

Healthy Living Kids 


Healthy Living Kids Subscription Box

We close out our Kids Subscription box list with Healthy Living Kids. We all know kids snacks can become boring (for them and us), especially with finding healthy snacks. If your kid is anything like mine, she gets into a rut with her snacks eating the same applesauce and carrot sticks every day. When we try to venture out and find some new healthy snacks in the store they barely give you enough time to look without wandering off or complaining about something. These Kid Snack Boxes have 5-8 hand selected kid-friendly snacks that are all approved by a registered dietician and nutritionist. You can choose just one monthly subscription box, up to 12 months. For the complete package with snacks and beyond you can also choose the Healthy Living Kids Box that is created by experts to help kids enjoy a healthier lifestyle. They also have Gluten Free and Nut Free options to choose from. 

What Did You Think? 

These are some of our favorite subscriptions boxes for kids that help them learn, do good, be kind and be healthier. Let us know what you thought about our choices? Have you tried any of these subscription boxes? We would love to hear about your experiences. 

6 Best Subscription Boxes For Kids

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