10 Things Every Newly Pregnant Woman Should Buy

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Congratulations! You just found out you are expecting and it's an exciting time. If this is your first pregnancy, it can be overwhelming in terms of what you need to get through your pregnancy. We are here to help! 

We have asked moms what their must-have items were when they were pregnant. These items include things to help with morning sickness, sleeping, hydration, vitamins and so much more. 

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1. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows were at the top of the list from almost every expecting mom. These amazing inventions have helped pregnant women finally sleep better and more comfortably. This pillow replaces the need to use several pillows (one under your arm, one next to you, one between your legs) and helps to get you comfortable as you lay on your side while you sleep. Doctors recommend that pregnant women lay on their left side and it's always comfortable for you or your back but using a pregnancy pillow helps. 

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2. Pregnancy Books

For first time moms, reading books is very important. Your body is going to go through many changes throughout your pregnancy. You can learn about how your baby is growing inside of you, what phases and milestones they are going through, and what you can expect through each trimester of your pregnancy. These are some of my favorite and most informative books about pregnancy: 

What To Expect When You're Expecting 

Real Food For Pregnancy: The Science and Wisdom of Optimal Prenatal Nutrition

The Sh!t No One Tells You About Pregnancy

And here is a book to gift for dad 

We're Pregnant! The First Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook

3. Bellyband

I haven't met one pregnant woman that hasn't used a bellyband. These are inexpensive and essential items for pregnancy. Bellybands are made of spandex so it can really stretch over your growing belly. Bellybands can be worn over your pants and jeans that you can no longer button to help up your pants and can be used as a replacement for maternity pants. 

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4. Belly Oil

Throughout your pregnancy, your belly will grow and stretch to fit your baby. It's important to keep your skin (especially your growing belly) hydrated. As your skin stretches it can create stretch marks and make your belly itchy. Keeping your skin moisturized can help with itching and stretch marks. 

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5. Prenatal Vitamins

Using prenatal vitamins is one of the most important things you should buy as soon as you find out your expecting. Prenatal vitamins support the development of your baby's brain, nervous system, bones, and eyes. 

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6. Pregnancy Ball

You might not think of a pregnancy or labor ball but moms that did have them say they were a lifesaver when it came to delivery. I used a labor ball during my labor but I wished I had one during my entire pregnancy. A pregnancy ball can help alleviate back pain and prepare your body for labor. The ball can also be used during labor to help move the baby down the birth canal faster. It can also be used for after delivery as work out equipment for you and fun toy for baby. 

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7. Morning Sickness Relief Tea

A big part of pregnancy is morning sickness, which we all know too well doesn't just come in the morning time. It can be difficult to eat and do our everyday tasks and jobs. This morning wellness tea is organic and is a ginger-mint tea blend of organic herbs that help prevent morning sickness and nausea. 

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8. Maternity Bra

During pregnancy not only is your belly growing but your breasts will grow too. They will also become tender and sensitive to the touch so it's important to find a maternity bra that is soft, comfortable, and can grow as your body starts to change. These maternity bras have one-hand access, adjustable shoulder straps, easy drop cups for nursing after baby is born, and side widening.

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9. Maternity Belt

Unlike the bellyband that just allows you to wear your pants without buying maternity clothes, a maternity belt is made to help with support. Maternity belts are made for relief from hip and pelvic pain. It relieves lower back pain by redistributing pressure more evenly. This can help with all the pain and discomfort you will feel during your third trimester. 

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10. Mom To Be Gift Set 

This gift set is perfect for you and your pregnancy needs. Buy it for yourself or send to a loved one as a gift idea for you. Your body becomes sensitive to smells during pregnancy and some of your favorite products may make you nauseous. This gift set is specially made with pregnancy nausea in mind. Some of the products in this gift set include deodorant, morning wellness body wash, belly butter, belly oil, and lip balm. 

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10 Things Every Newly Pregnant Woman Should Buy


Let us know if you've tried any of these must-have items? Do you have a must-have item that you recommend? Comment below to let us know.

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