10 Sleep Remedies For Babies

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Sleep. It's the one thing we truly want more than anything as new parents. Does your baby let you sleep? Or do you wake up every hour with your baby? Our babies are brand new to this world and it can be scary, not only for them but for us too. You are just starting to bond and build that lasting relationship with your baby so some things, like sleep, are put on the back burner while we figure out all of our babies' wants and needs. 

Luckily, there are some fantastic and clever ways to get your baby to sleep longer. Read below to find out the 10 ways you can help your baby sleep longer.

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10 Sleep Remedies For Babies 

1. Warm Bath 

Warm baths can be soothing not only for you but for babies too. Try giving your baby a nice warm bath with some bedtime bath soap or essential oils to diffuse to help them sleep. 

2. Co-Sleeping


Co-sleeping some mom's are all for it and some are very against it as co-sleeping can be hazardous, but this option for mom's who want to give it a try and be close to their baby. Plus, there have been some amazing co-sleeper created in the past few years to make sleeping together safer for you and your baby. Check out some of our favorite and most reviewed co-sleepers below. 

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper 

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper 

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

3. White Noise 

Ocean Waves White Noise

Babies love listening to sounds like gentle water, ocean waves, or sounds in nature. These sounds remind them of being inside mommies tummy, a place where they are familiar and comforted by. There is some great white noise apps you can try. 

4. Music 

Deep Sleep Music

Listening to music to relax your body and help you sleep. This works the same for babies. Play them your favorite lullaby or play some deep sleep meditation music that has been proved to put the toughest sleepers to bed. 

5. Rock and Pat Method 

Rocking baby

If you have been around anyone that has ever had a baby you have most likely seen this method. This is a tried and true method I have personally used on my kids but also all of nieces and nephews and friends have used this too. The rock and pat method is simple and effective. Gently rock your baby back and forth while patting their bottom. Babies love these two motions! Combine this method with the deep sleep meditation music mentioned above for the best results. 

6. Create A Routine


Babies are creatures of habit. They love being a set schedule. They like to eat at the same time every day, poop at the same time every day, and you guessed it, sleep at the same time every day. Keep a journal or download some useful apps that will help you keep on track of your baby's schedule. Keeping a schedule will also help you understand what your baby needs when they start to get fussy or cry. 

7. Lights Out 


Just like you, babies like to sleep in the dark. Try turning off all the lights, buy light-blocking curtains especially during the day when the sun shining. 


8. Go For A Drive

Car seat

Some babies just really enjoy movement. Try going for a walk with a stroller, or taking a drive in a car to help your baby fall asleep. 

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9. Read a book 

Baby Books

Babies love to hear familiar sounds, and what is more familiar than your voice. It might help your baby sleep by reading a book or telling a story. 


10. Tag Team


Parenting can be stressful on your own and when you get stressed out, your baby can sense it and make them upset. Try to stay calm or take a break and have your partner, family or friends help you out.


Leave us a comment below if you have tried any of these sleep remedies? Share your favorite sleep remedy with us. 

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